Arquillian Cube Extension 1.0.0.Alpha15 Released

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The Arquillian team is proud to announce the 1.0.0.Alpha15 release of the Arquillian Cube Extension component!

Apart from bug fixes in the openshift module, we brought very anticipated new feature – support for Kubernetes. This was a joint effort with the amazing fabric-8 team.

New Features

Kubernetes Support

The kubernetes extension helps you write and run integration tests for your Kubernetes/Openshift application.

This extension will run tests in a black-box fashion, creating and managing a temporary namespace for your tests, apply all Kubernetes resources required to create your environment and once everything is ready it will run your tests. The tests will be enriched with resources required to access services. Finally when testing is over it will cleanup everything.

The test cases are meant to interact with the provided services and assert that the environment is in the expected state.

public class HelloWorldTest {

    Service helloWorld;

    public void shouldShowHelloWorld() throws IOException {

In this example, test reads for kubernetes.json file form the root of the classpath, deploys everything and injects Kubernetes components into the test. Notice that you can assert that elements are correctly configured as well as getting information for connecting to the services and validate they have been deployed correctly.

You can also import io.fabric8:kubernetes-assertions, which is built on top of excellent assertj project, you’ll be able to write assertions like:

public class ExampleTest {

  KubernetesClient client;

  Session session;

  public void testAtLeastOnePod() throws Exception {

You can read more about Kubernetes integration at and full example at

Fabric8 Support

The Fabric8 extension can be used along with the Kubernetes extension to provide a tighter integration with the Fabric8 Microservices Platform.

It provides Fabric8Label provider and Fabric8Annotation provider.

You can read more about Fabric 8 integration at

What is Arquillian Cube Extension?

With Arquillian Cube you can control the lifecycle of Docker images as part of the test lifecyle, either automatically or manually. This gives you the chance to scale up from a integration/functional test level all the way up to the system test level.

Release details

Component Arquillian Cube Extension
Version 1.0.0.Alpha15 view tag
Release date 2016-09-01
Released by Alex Soto
Compiled against

Published artifacts org.arquillian.cube

  • org.arquillian.cube » arquillian-cube-api jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube » arquillian-cube-spi jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube » arquillian-cube-core jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube » arquillian-cube-containerless jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube » arquillian-cube-docker jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube » arquillian-cube-docker-drone jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube » arquillian-cube-docker-recorder jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube » arquillian-cube-docker-restassured jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube » arquillian-cube-openshift jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube » arquillian-cube-kubernetes-fabric8 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube » arquillian-cube-kubernetes jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube » arquillian-cube-requirement jar javadoc pom

Release notes and resolved issues 1


Thanks to the following list of contributors: Ales Justin, Alex Soto, Jonh Wendell, Ioannis Canellos