RushEye 1.0.0 Released

The Arquillian team is proud to announce the 1.0.0 release of the RushEye component!

We are introducing the very first release of the Arquillian RushEye extension.

Arquillian RushEye

RushEye is a tool for automated bulk or on-the-fly inspecting of browser screen images and comparison with predefined image suite.

It enables automated visual testing (using Selenium) and minimizes efforts for manual visual testing of applications.

How to use it?

Getting rusheye.jar

Get the rusheye-dist jar from Maven central or:

Obtain the source from

and build it using

cd arquillian-rusheye/
mvn clean install

You can find the rusheye.jar necessary to run the test suite install


Creating test suite

Let’s assume we have two directories, screenshots1 and screenshots2.

The screenshots1 is the directory with sample images (patterns), while screenshots2 is a directory with new images which we would like to compare with patterns.

Directory structure

The crawl mechanism expects the flat structure of crawled directory, e.g.:


Crawling directory

We can create an XML descriptor of RushEye test suite by calling:

java -jar rusheye.jar crawl screenshots1/ -O suite.xml

A file suite.xml with content similar to following one will be created:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<visual-suite xmlns=""

    <listener type="org.jboss.rusheye.parser.listener.CompareListener">
    <pattern-retriever type="org.jboss.rusheye.retriever.FileRetriever"/>
    <mask-retriever type="org.jboss.rusheye.retriever.FileRetriever"/>
    <sample-retriever type="org.jboss.rusheye.retriever.sample.FileSampleRetriever"/>

  <test name="test1">
    <pattern name="test1" source="test1.png"/>

Running test suite

Once we created suite.xml from the screenshots1 directory structure, we can use RushEye to run the test suite against images in the screenshots2 directory.

java -jar rusheye.jar parse suite.xml  \
    -D result-output-file=result.xml  \
    -D samples-directory=screenshots2  \
    -D patterns-directory=screenshots1  \
    -D file-storage-directory=diffs

On the standard output, you can see following lines:

[ DIFFER ] SeparatorTestCase.testThirdSeparator
[ DIFFER ] SimpleEditorTestCase.testEditorSource
[ DIFFER ] SpinnerTestCase.testLowerClickUp
[ DIFFER ] TabPanelTestCase.testTabPanelExample
[ DIFFER ] OrderingListTestCase.testUpMultipleSongsShift
  Overall Statistics:
  DIFFER: 391

The directory diffs will be created and an image comparing pattern with sample will be created for every test where pattern and sample image differs. This image highlights changes between the two compared images.
Adding mask to test suite

Since they are a lot of differences in images, we can define masks to hide the unimportant differences.

There is currently only one type of mask:

There are predefined masks in masks directory:

Remove or clear the diffs directory and run the crawl command again with masks directory specified and use -f to override existing suite.xml.

java -jar rusheye.jar crawl screenshots1/ -O suite.xml -m masks/ -f

Now you can run the comparison script again:

java -jar rusheye.jar parse suite.xml  \
    -D result-output-file=result.xml  \
    -D samples-directory=screenshots2  \
    -D patterns-directory=screenshots1  \
    -D file-storage-directory=diffs \
    -D masks-directory=masks

Now, you are getting much more stable results:

[ SAME ] KeepAliveTestCase.testUsingIncorrectWay
[ SAME ] PanelCustomizationTestCase.testThirdPanel
[ SAME ] TooltipDataTableTestCase.testIterateThroughTable
[ SAME ] ColorPickerTestCase.testPageSource
[ SAME ] SimpleEditorTestCase.testStrikethroughButton
[ SAME ] SeparatorTestCase.testFirstSeparator
[ DIFFER ] TableSortingTestCase.testExternalSorting
[ SAME ] TooltipTestCase.testDefaultToolTip
[ SAME ] StyleTestCase.testBackgroundColor
  Overall Statistics:
  SAME: 318
  DIFFER: 76

What is Arquillian?

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Release details

Component RushEye
Version 1.0.0 view tag
Release date 2017-05-03
Released by Matous Jobanek

Published artifacts org.arquillian.rusheye

Thanks to the following list of contributors: Lukas Fryc, Matous Jobanek, Bartosz Majsak, Selvaraj, Vinoth