Arquillian Cube Extension

Arquillian Cube Extension

Control (docker) containers in your tests with ease!

What is Arquillian Cube Extension?

With Arquillian Cube you can control the lifecycle of Docker images as part of the test lifecyle, either automatically or manually. This gives you the chance to scale up from a integration/functional test level all the way up to the system test level.



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fix: close all cubes, even on error (#1059)
Authored by Andy Gumbrecht, committed on 2018-07-03

Build dependency management artifact

Add the following stanza to the <dependencies> element within the <dependencyManagement> element in your pom.xml:


Build dependency artifacts

Add the appropriate stanza to the <dependencies> element in your pom.xml:

Warning: You'll also need to add the Arquillian core platform and possibly additional dependencies. Please refer to the guides for more details.

Latest published artifacts

  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-api:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-spi:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-core:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-containerless:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:assertj-docker-java:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-docker:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-docker-drone:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-docker-reporter:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-docker-restassured:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-docker-junit-rule:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-docker-junit5:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-docker-junit-rules:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-openshift-api:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-openshift-shrinkwrap:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-openshift:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-openshift-restassured:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-kubernetes-fabric8:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-kubernetes:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-istio-kubernetes-api:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-istio-kubernetes:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-kubernetes-reporter:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-requirement:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-bom:pom:1.16.0 pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-requirement-spi:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-docker-starter:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-kubernetes-starter:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.cube:arquillian-cube-openshift-starter:jar:1.16.0 jar javadoc pom
Note: Most released artifacts are published to the Maven Central repository. Those that cannot are published to the JBoss Community repository.
# Version Release date Released by Compiled against
47 1.16.0 view blog   view tag 2018-06-13 Dipak Pawar
46 1.15.3 view blog   view tag 2018-03-29 Matous Jobanek
45 1.15.2 view blog   view tag 2018-02-27 Alien Ike
44 1.15.1 view blog   view tag 2018-02-14 Alien Ike
43 1.15.0 view blog   view tag 2018-02-13 Alien Ike
42 1.14.0 view blog   view tag 2018-02-02 Alien Ike
41 1.13.0 view blog   view tag 2018-01-15 Alien Ike
40 1.12.0 view blog   view tag 2018-01-04 Alien Ike
39 1.11.0 view blog   view tag 2017-12-15 Alien Ike
38 1.10.0 view blog   view tag 2017-12-08 Alien Ike
37 1.9.2 view blog   view tag 2017-11-09 Bartosz Majsak
36 1.9.1 view blog   view tag 2017-10-11 Alien Ike
35 1.9.0 view blog   view tag 2017-09-19 Alien Ike
34 1.8.0 view blog   view tag 2017-08-04 Alien Ike
33 1.7.1 view blog   view tag 2017-07-27 Alien Ike
32 1.7.0 view blog   view tag 2017-07-14 Alien Ike
31 1.6.0 view blog   view tag 2017-06-14 Alex Soto
30 1.5.1 view blog   view tag 2017-06-09 Alex Soto
29 1.5.0 view blog   view tag 2017-05-30 Alex Soto
28 1.4.0 view blog   view tag 2017-05-19 Alex Soto
27 1.3.2 view blog   view tag 2017-05-16 Alex Soto
26 1.3.1 view blog   view tag 2017-05-16 Alex Soto
25 1.3.0 view blog   view tag 2017-05-10 Bartosz Majsak
24 1.2.0 view blog   view tag 2017-04-21 Bartosz Majsak
23 1.1.0 view blog   view tag 2017-04-06 Bartosz Majsak
22 1.0.1 view blog   view tag 2017-03-31 Bartosz Majsak
21 1.0.0 view blog   view tag 2017-03-24 Alex Soto
20 1.0.0.Alpha20 view blog   view tag 2017-03-14 Alex Soto
19 1.0.0.Alpha19 view blog   view tag 2017-02-27 Alex Soto
18 1.0.0.Alpha18 view blog   view tag 2017-02-09 Alex Soto
17 1.0.0.Alpha17 view blog   view tag 2017-02-01 Alex Soto
16 1.0.0.Alpha16 view blog   view tag 2017-01-10 Alex Soto
15 1.0.0.Alpha15 view blog   view tag 2016-09-01 Alex Soto
14 1.0.0.Alpha14 view blog   view tag 2016-08-18 Alex Soto
13 1.0.0.Alpha13 view blog   view tag 2016-08-17 Alex Soto
12 1.0.0.Alpha12 view blog   view tag 2016-06-16 Aslak Knutsen
11 1.0.0.Alpha11 view blog   view tag 2016-05-31 Aslak Knutsen
10 1.0.0.Alpha10 view blog   view tag 2016-03-21 Aslak Knutsen
9 1.0.0.Alpha9 view blog   view tag 2016-02-26 Aslak Knutsen
8 1.0.0.Alpha8 view blog   view tag 2016-01-20 Aslak Knutsen
7 1.0.0.Alpha7 view blog   view tag 2015-07-18 Aslak Knutsen
6 1.0.0.Alpha6 view blog   view tag 2015-06-25 Aslak Knutsen
5 1.0.0.Alpha5 view blog   view tag 2015-04-07 Aslak Knutsen
4 1.0.0.Alpha4 view blog   view tag 2015-02-25 Aslak Knutsen
3 1.0.0.Alpha3 view blog   view tag 2015-01-15 Aslak Knutsen
2 1.0.0.Alpha2 view blog   view tag 2014-12-10 Aslak Knutsen
1 1.0.0.Alpha1 view blog   view tag 2014-11-15 Aslak Knutsen
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