As an open-source project, the Arquillian community has many entry points. We welcome your participation however it suits your level of interest.

Where Are We?

The Arquillian space on the JBoss Community site and the #arquillian channel on the Freenode IRC network are the main channels of communication between community members. Read this page to learn about these and other community resources.

Keep in mind that contributing code is not the only way to get involved. You can provide feedback on documentation and tutorials, test the releases, share your visions or just participate in the forum discussions. The various entry points are summarized below. See you there!

Forums and Wiki

You’ll find two discussion forums in the Arquillian space on the JBoss Community site.

User discussions
The top-level space hosts discussions for developers using Arquillian in their project.
Development discussions
The development sub-space is reserved for discussions about contributing to Arquillian.

These spaces also host community-edited information about Arquillian, under the Articles tab. The information that goes here is anything you want to share about the project that doesn’t fit somewhere else, or you want to share quickly. It may be tips, guides or even full articles.

Chat (IRC)

We invite you to join us in the #arquillian channel on to chat about Arquillian, ShrinkWrap and other topics related to testing. The channel has a broad scope that brings together people who are passionate about testing. You may also want to check out the #jbosstesting channel, where Arquillian is frequently the topic of discussion.

This channel is logged to by JBossBot. The JBossBot is also present to expand issue numbers from the issue tracker.

If you don’t have an IRC client installed or available, you can use the web-based client on this site to join the #arquillian channel.

Issue Tracker

The project tracks bugs, feature-requests, and other issues through the JIRA issue-tracking system at

Arquillian issue tracker | Starter issues

To file issues or requests with JIRA, you must have a JBoss Community account (don’t worry, registering is easy).

Source Repository

All the Arquillian source code is managed using the distributed version system git and hosted in sub-modules of the arquillian organization at

Both git and github are awesome for collaboration! To make improvements or bug fixes to the Arquillian project, simply fork the project, commit your changes and send a pull request.

Arquillian Nobles

We value the contributions made to Arquillian by our community. That’s why we’ve setup a page for recognizing people who have made key contributions along the way. Find out who’s been crowed by visiting the Arquillian Nobles page.

Also check out the full list of contributors to the Arquillian project.