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No more mocks. No more container lifecycle and deployment hassles. Just real tests!

Alex Soto Bueno Jason Porter Andrew Gumbrecht presents:

Testing Java Microservices

Testing Java Microservices teaches you how to write tests for microservices in Java. You’ll learn test strategies that solve the most common issues you are likely to encounter. This practical hands-on guide begins with introducing you to microservices and providing you with a simple, carefully-designed application developed using microservices principles and following some of the most common technologies such as Java EE, Spring Boot, WildFly Swarm, and Docker. Along the way, you’ll learn about technologies like the Arquillian ecosystem, Wiremock, Mockito, AssertJ, Pact or Gatling. Finally, you’ll see how everything fits together into the Continuous Delivery pipeline.

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Contributor Spotlight

  • Eddú Meléndez Gonzales

    Ica, Perú

    Eddú (@eddumelendez) has been wearing many hats in software houses he worked for – starting from Software Developer to Technical Lead. Lately he decided to take a break from regular work and focus even more on Open Source Software. How amazing is that!? Eddú is one of the key Arquillian contributors, helping in variety of different modules and sharing his great ideas.

    His first encounter with Arquillian was when he was refactoring web services in one of his projects. He found Arquillian and Tomcat Embedded Container the most effective and confident way. Shortly after that he discovered Docker and Arquillian Cube. Ever since he has helped us improving Cube significantly.

    We’re extremely happy and honoured to have him involved in building our testing platform.

Latest News

  • Arquillian Container SE 1.0.2.Final Released

    The Arquillian team is proud to announce the 1.0.2.Final release of the Arquillian Container SE component! What is Arquillian? Arquillian is open source software that empowers you to test JVM-based applications more effectively....

  • Arquillian Container Chameleon 1.0.0.Beta3 Released

    The Arquillian team is proud to announce the 1.0.0.Beta3 release of the Arquillian Container Chameleon component! What’s new in this release Support for WildFly 11 With this release we bring support for latest version of WildFly container....

  • Smart Testing 0.0.5 Released

    The Arquillian team is proud to announce the 0.0.5 release of the Smart Testing component! Highlights of this release In this release we ship several API improvements making integration with 3rd party tools much easier....

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