Arquillian Cube Extension 1.0.0.Alpha8 Released

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The Arquillian team is proud to announce the 1.0.0.Alpha8 release of the Arquillian Cube Extension component!

What’s included in the Alpha8 release?

System properties resolution in Docker Compose
  env_file: ${env.filename}
  image: tutum/tomcat:7.0
      - "8089:8089"
      - "8088:8088"
      - "8081:8080"

Normal property resolution is not done on the configured docker-compose file.

Cache URLAsset for ShrinkWrap
   new CacheUrlAsset(new URL(""), 2, TimeUnit.SECONDS)

CacheUrlAsset will cache the URL response for a certain time before trying again. This can be used to avoid redownloading larger files per test run to save some time.

See complete list of issues resolved below.

What is Arquillian Cube Extension?

With Arquillian Cube you can control the lifecycle of Docker images as part of the test lifecyle, either automatically or manually. This gives you the chance to scale up from a integration/functional test level all the way up to the system test level.

Release details

Component Arquillian Cube Extension
Version 1.0.0.Alpha8 view tag
Release date 2016-01-20
Released by Aslak Knutsen
Compiled against

Published artifacts org.arquillian.cube

Release notes and resolved issues 30

In Progress

Thanks to the following list of contributors: Alex Soto, EddĂș MelĂ©ndez Gonzales, Aslak Knutsen, David Pequegnot, Michael Irwin, Ivan St. Ivanov, Robert.panzer