Smart Testing 0.0.2 Released

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The Arquillian team is proud to announce the 0.0.2 release of the Smart Testing component!

Highlights of this release

After a week since our very first release we have a brand new one! This time with several improvements and bug fixes, namely:

  • simplified installation process
  • hinting available strategies when misspelled in the configuration
  • ability to narrow search for affected tests
  • improved documentation

Simplified getting started

Even though installation process is very simple, we are huge fans of automation. So we created one liner which will take care of adding Smart Testing to your project.

Simply execute following snippet and you are ready to go.

$ curl -sSL | bash

Hinting available strategies

It might happen that you misspell a strategy when executing the build. For example:

$ mvn clean verify -Dsmart.testing=new,change,afected

This will lead to a failing build, but instead of leaving you with not just an exception thrown at your face and documentation to dig into, we are now hinting to matching strategies. With 0.0.2 you will see instead:

Unable to find strategy [afected]. Did you mean [affected]?
Unable to find strategy [change]. Did you mean [changed]?

Affected tests

Affected is one of the strategies in Smart Testing which let you find tests related to business code you have just changed. By default we transitively look up all related tests, but this can lead to a lot of tests being prioritized. Especially if you have deep hierarchies in your project.

To find only immediate related tests we have introduced a configuration option smart.testing.affected.transitivity which you can set to false.

Asciidoctor Extensions

We’ve created two Asciidoctor extensions to make documentation more resilient to changes and also to simplify the copy-paste process from documentation to your terminal.

First extension allows you to reference constants in the documentation from source code. For example to get the value represented by SMART_TESTING_MODE constant, add const macro in your document:


Second extension brings copy-to-clipboard button in the rendered docs. To add it, simply use copyToClipboard macro:

`mvn test -Dtest=SampleTest`  copyToClipboard:singleTest[]

What’s next

We are working hard on the next release which will bring simplified configuration and many more cool features! Stay tuned!

What is Smart Testing?

Smart Testing is a tool that speeds up the test running phase by reordering test execution plan to increase a probability of fail-fast execution and thus give you faster feedback about your project’s health.

Release details

Component Smart Testing
Version 0.0.2 view tag
Release date 2017-09-26
Released by Bartosz Majsak
Compiled against

Published artifacts

  • » core jar javadoc pom
  • » surefire-provider jar javadoc pom
  • » junit-test-result-parser jar javadoc pom
  • » strategy-affected jar javadoc pom
  • » strategy-changed jar javadoc pom
  • » strategy-failed jar javadoc pom
  • » maven-lifecycle-extension jar javadoc pom
  • » git-rules jar javadoc pom
  • » smart-testing-test-bed jar javadoc pom

Release notes and resolved issues 21

Component: Test Bed
Component: Core
Component: Maven
Component: Documentation
Component: Selection

Thanks to the following list of contributors: Bartosz Majsak, Alex Soto, Matous Jobanek, Dipak Pawar