Arquillian Container Chameleon 1.0.0.Beta2 Released

The Arquillian team is proud to announce the 1.0.0.Beta2 release of the Arquillian Container Chameleon component!

What is Arquillian Container Chameleon?

The Chameleon container can quickly adapt to your needs of testing against several containers (JBoss AS / JBoss EAP / WildFly / GlassFish) or even switching between different modes (Managed / Remote / Embedded) without requiring additional dependency configuration.

Release details

Component Arquillian Container Chameleon
Version 1.0.0.Beta2 view tag
Release date 2017-04-06
Released by Bartosz Majsak
Compiled against

Published artifacts org.arquillian.container

  • org.arquillian.container » arquillian-chameleon-container-model jar javadoc pom
  • org.arquillian.container » arquillian-container-chameleon jar javadoc pom

Release notes and resolved issues 1


Thanks to the following list of contributors: Bartosz Majsak, Matous Jobanek, Dipak Pawar