ShrinkWrap 1.2.3 Released

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The Arquillian team is proud to announce the 1.2.3 release of the ShrinkWrap component!

New filter support

You can now use filters in the following new locations:

ShrinkWrap.create(ZipImporter.class).importFrom(File, Filter)
ShrinkWrap.create(ZipImporter.class).importFrom(Inputstream, Filter)

The filter method can be used for instance to filter an export:

New Filters

Two new filter methods were added to the Filters factory class.

war.get(Filters.includePaths("/org/", "/com/"))
war.get(Filters.excludePaths(“/org/”, “/com/”))
New Exploded export option

Allows you to to export an exploded archive directly to a given target directory without creating a child root folder.
Preserved order

ShrinkWrap now preserves the order of Assets added to the archive. They will have the same order on export.

What is ShrinkWrap?

ShrinkWrap is the simplest way to create archives in Java. Using the fluent and intuitive ShrinkWrap API, developers may assemble JARs, WARs, and EARs to be deployed directly by Arquillian during testing.

Release details

Component ShrinkWrap
Version 1.2.3 view tag
Release date 2015-10-24
Released by Aslak Knutsen
Compiled against
  • JUnit – 4.8.2

Published artifacts org.jboss.shrinkwrap

  • org.jboss.shrinkwrap » shrinkwrap-api jar javadoc pom
  • org.jboss.shrinkwrap » shrinkwrap-api-nio2 jar javadoc pom
  • org.jboss.shrinkwrap » shrinkwrap-bom pom
  • org.jboss.shrinkwrap » shrinkwrap-depchain pom
  • org.jboss.shrinkwrap » shrinkwrap-depchain-java7 pom
  • org.jboss.shrinkwrap » shrinkwrap-impl-base jar javadoc pom
  • org.jboss.shrinkwrap » shrinkwrap-impl-nio2 jar javadoc pom
  • org.jboss.shrinkwrap » shrinkwrap-spi jar javadoc pom

Release notes and resolved issues 6

Feature Request
  • SHRINKWRAP-480 - Fix order of entries in exported zip file
  • SHRINKWRAP-490 - Allow ExplodedExporter to export directly into a target directory
  • SHRINKWRAP-491 - Support Filters.includePaths(String...) excludePaths(String...)
  • SHRINKWRAP-481 - Fix "mvn site" failure after "mvn clean install"
  • SHRINKWRAP-493 - Add Filter support to be able to filter import/export to/from Archive

Thanks to the following list of contributors: Aslak Knutsen, Pawan Dubey, Michal Matloka, Hiram Chirino, Andrew Lee Rubinger