Arquillian Android Extension 1.0.0.Alpha2 Released

The Arquillian team is proud to announce the 1.0.0.Alpha2 release of the Arquillian Android Extension component!

Arquillian Android Extension has reached the Alpha2 milestone. This is a bugfix release with a few new nice features.

Significant changes in 1.0.0.Alpha2

Ability to specify ABI

Since Android 4 the SDK allows to define multiple ABI types for the emulator. We now honor this property and fail fast if multiple ABIs are available during creation of the emulator.

<extension qualifier=“android”>
<property name=“abi”>armeabi-v7a</property>
Ability to inject Android Driver instance into the test

You now have limited control of the device from the test itself.
AndroidDevice device;
public void installAndUninstallApk() throws AndroidExecutionException {
    device.installPackage(new File("src/test/apk/calculator.apk"), true);
              List<String> installedApps = getInstalledPackages(device);
              Assert.assertTrue("Calculator app was installed", installedApps.contains(CALCULATOR_APP));
          installedApps = getInstalledPackages(device);
Assert.assertFalse(“Calculator app was uninstalled”, installedApps.contains(CALCULATOR_APP));

Big thanks go to Jan Papousek (@jan_papousek) for improving and testing this release!

We hope that you’ll enjoy the improvements. We look forward to hear your feedback in the community forums.

What is Arquillian?

Arquillian is open source software that empowers you to test JVM-based applications more effectively. Created to defend the software galaxy from bugs, Arquillian brings your test to the runtime so you can focus on testing your application's behavior rather than managing the runtime. Using Arquillian, you can develop a comprehensive suite of tests from the convenience of your IDE and run them in any IDE, build tool or continuous integration environment.

Release details

Component Arquillian Android Extension
Version 1.0.0.Alpha2 view tag
Release date 2013-01-09
Released by Lukas Fryc
Compiled against

Published artifacts org.jboss.arquillian.extension

  • org.jboss.arquillian.extension » arquillian-android-bom pom
  • org.jboss.arquillian.extension » arquillian-android-api jar javadoc pom
  • org.jboss.arquillian.extension » arquillian-android-configuration jar javadoc pom
  • org.jboss.arquillian.extension » arquillian-android-impl jar javadoc pom
  • org.jboss.arquillian.extension » arquillian-android-spi jar javadoc pom
  • org.jboss.arquillian.extension » arquillian-android-drone jar javadoc pom
  • org.jboss.arquillian.extension » arquillian-android-depchain pom
  • org.jboss.arquillian.extension » arquillian-android-tests jar javadoc pom

Thanks to the following list of contributors: Karel Piwko, Lukas Fryc, Jan PapouĊĦek, Aslak Knutsen