Goodbye, Ajocado - Welcome, Graphene!

Goodbye, Ajocado

Wait, the Ajocado project is not leaving us!
It is just undergoing rename.
Why such a change?

Ajocado has always been a proud member of Arquillian family, however its name didn’t tell very well what’s its purpose is in the true alien world. In other words, the name didn’t fit the story.

Moreover, we have experienced many troubles explaining how Ajocado should be even pronounced.

I must admit it was unlucky choice.

Choosing the new name…

The project is like a diamond – very strong in its basis:

  • a strongly-typed, chaining API
  • efficient jQuery-based locators
  • proven to handle AJAX successfully

But on the other hand, diamonds can’t be simply manufactured.

Let’s look what more could Ajocado offer us:

  • rapid test development
  • readability
  • high-level abstractions

What can be as strong as diamond, but be much more flexible?

Welcome, Graphene

Graphene is stronger and stiffer than diamond, yet can be stretched by a quarter of its length, like rubber.

Let me introduce the Graphene – the strong and flexible UI automation tool – the old/new member of the alien crew, on the way to save the world!

What’s next?

The rename is already done, waiting in Maven repositories as Graphene 1.0.0.CR3.

And what about migration? It’s pretty straight-forward, as you can see in my previous post.

Thank you all who participated in choosing new name, renaming and migration testing (Vlasta Elias, Dan Allen, Jan Papousek, Karel Piwko)!

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