Arquillian Nobles

This page recognizes community members that have helped shape Arquillian during each release cycle, either though code contributions, participation or advocacy. For donating their time, effort and patience to make Arquillian a better testing framework for the benefit of the community, we award each of them the title Arquillian Noble.

Community members may be crowned multiple times. Once a contributor becomes a team member, subsequent contributions are not listed here (team members are noble by default).

Release: 1.0.0.Final

Name Contribution

Release: 1.0.0.Alpha5

Name Contribution
Karel Piwko Arquillian Drone (ARQ-291)
Dependency resolver API (SHRINKWRAP-140)
David Allen OpenEJB configuration (ARQ-379)
@EJB.mappedName support (ARQ-167)
Andy Gibson Exception proxy between client/server (ARQ-299)
Jason Porter GlassFish remote 3.1 container (ARQ-323)

Release: 1.0.0.Alpha4

Name Contribution
Jesper Pedersen IronJacamar container adapter docs (ARQ-230)

Release: 1.0.0.Alpha3

Name Contribution
Jean Deruelle Embedded Tomcat 6 container (ARQ-189)
Thomas Diesler Initial support for OSGi bundle testing (ARQ-188)
Remote OSGi bundle testing (ARQ-190)
Auxiliary OSGi test bundle (ARQ-193)
Ståle W. Pedersen Performance extension (ARQ-147, ARQ-225)
Nicklas Karlsson Integration test suite (ARQ-176)
Ken Gullaksen Archive name optional (SHRINKWRAP-163)
Setup Arquillian Container Injection Matrix

Release: 1.0.0.Alpha2

Name Contribution
German Escobar Container configuration (ARQ-33)
Alejandro Montenegro JBoss AS managed containers (ARQ-48)

Advocates, Innovators and Early Adopters

Thanks to all of you who have tweeted about #Arquillian as well!